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    Graphics boot priority


      Hi There,


      I wonder if someone can help. I have a DQ77CP motherboard (latest BIOS) using on-board graphics with:

      • Dell 2414H Monitor connected via DVI-D and
      • A very old NEC Multisync Monitor connected via VGA


      The only way I seem to be able to run both monitors satisfactorily is to boot with the VGA monitor only connected and then physically connect DVI-D after boot.


      If I boot with DVI-D plugged in (even with NO mains power to the Dell Monitor), Device Manager sees them both as identical Dell monitors and the VGA monitor displays an "out of range" message as the card is trying to display in a higher resolution than the monitor can handle. (ie - it changes the generic VGA driver to the same as the Dell)


      I've tried changing the primary monitor in Windows and in Intel HD Graphics and set it to boot VGA first in BIOS but all without success


      Is there any way of forcing the on board graphics adaptor to boot DVI-D after VGA or to not "see" the DVI-D port until the VGA has connected?


      Unplugging the DVI-D cable every time I boot isn't ideal!


      Thanks for reading

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          When you say latest, you are running the version of the Intel HD Graphics Driver?


          If you reboot, rather than cold start the system, do the two displays work properly or does the same issue come up?



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            Hi Scott, Thanks for responding.


            I'm running

            • Driver Version
            • Driver Date 11/12/2017

            which the Driver & Support Assistant says is the current version for my mb


            No, it doesn't matter if I cold start or reboot, or even if the monitor DVI-D monitor is powered up. If its plugged in to the DVI-D port, the system thinks I have two identical Dell monitors installed and loads drivers accordingly



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              Hi @Stal the Dell U2414H does not have DVI input on it if I'm not mistaken, it only has HDMI's and Display Ports. Are you Using an adaptor to connect to DVI on the DQ77CP ?

              If you are using adaptor maybe try another adopter cable it might be at fault.


              I have the Dell U2414H as one of my monitors stored somewhere in the house, I checked it and it doesn't have any DVI inputs natively.

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                Hi Stephen,


                I'm sorry I wasnt specific enough. I have a P2414H which has DisplayPort, DVI-D and VGA ports




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                  Did this ever work correctly or has this problem always been there?


                  If it has always had this issue, my response to this would be that there is likely a BIOS bug and that you should upgrade your BIOS. Since this is an Intel Desktop Board and since it has long been in EOL status, however, I know that there is no chance of seeing an updated BIOS that fixes this issue (you *are* using the latest available BIOS, right?).


                  Have you tried using a dongle to feed this output into the DP or VGA input?



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                    Hi Scott,


                    I've only just tried the two monitor setup. I have upgraded BIOS to latest release.


                    I haven't tried using a dongle but will try and source one. I am a bit surprised that DVI-D is detected even if there is no power...





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                      Hi All


                      Thanks for your input. I think I have resolved this - more by luck than judgement.....


                      I think this is a Windows 10 issue


                      • I booted the PC with both monitors connected
                      • In Windows I manually selected the VGA driver for the VGA display (i.e. changed it from being a duplicate of the Dell monitor)


                      Now it would seem that when I reboot (re-start or cold boot) the system "remembers" and loads the correct drivers....


                      Again, thanks all for your help