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    R1304SPOSHORR and hot swap hard drive bay light pipes


      Hi, please see below image...


      A = Hard drive GREEN status light when in use (can not be seen, i had to take 15 pictures before i even could see this light)

      B = Server power / hard drive activity and warning lights

      VERY CLOSE image looking down on the back of the hard drive tray and back plane

      C = RAID back plane green

      D = Hard drive tray light pipe


      Cant actually see the green LED (A) on the drive bay (we have tried a number of drives), we thought was a damaged back plane, however as you can see from image (C) this LED is bright (however not as bright as the power light) (B).  You will notice the light pipe (D) on the back of the drive tray is out of alignment from the back plane by about 3-4mm, meaning no light gets down the pipe.


      Its the same on every bay....


      I notice these trays have no base plate so the sides are not a fixed width, did this cost cutting exercise result in not being able to see the light down the pipe to the front of the drive?


      The Chenbro version of this same case has drive trays with a brace to hold the sides rigid.....  ive not seen this issue with other Intel server chassis, but then all the other Intel drive trays had a base to hold the sides rigid as well.