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    GPS change, 915Mhz telemetry, payload capacity


      I have iterest on the aero drone, this platform oriented to programmers is a very good idea.


      Before to purhase it i need to resolve some few basic question:


      1) It is posible to connect a 915mhz telemetry module to the drone

        and the base module to the notebook running mission planner http://ardupilot.org/planner/ or QGroundControl


      2) It is possible to change the GPS antenna for other with RTK,

         and send the RTK correction messages for the base station conected to the

         notebook over the 915MHZ telemetry module:


        Correction messages diagram flow:

        GPS RTK base =>Notebook => Base Telemetry module => copter telemetry module  => GPS MODULE


      3) Te copter will have a camera, In the mission planner planify way points

         where that be triggered, is there any conections sample of it ?


      4) Wich is the payload capacity, it is possible to load a NVIDIA JETSON TX2