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    Intel XTU failing to apply settings after waking from sleep


      (XTU v6.4.1.19 running on Windows 10 Home, v1709 / 16299.248

      Processor is an i7 7700HQ, Microcode Update 0x84, in a Dell XPS15 9560)


      Hi - I've been using XTU to undervolt my CPU and iGPU to keep the temperatures down, and after testing I found some stable settings: -.115V offset for the core and -.100V for the GPU. I haven't had any crashes with these settings. Yesterday I noticed the CPU was throttling heavily, I opened HWMonitor (https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html) to check the temperatures and they were high again, and the voltage offsets were back to zero.


      After trying a few things, I realised that after putting the computer to sleep and waking it again, sometimes the voltages aren't applied - HWMonitor says they're not (and the temperatures/performance agree), but XTU thinks they are. The most consistent way I can get this to happen is:

      • reapply the voltage offsets (apply defaults and then reapply the profile)
      • restart the computer (HWMonitor says they're still applied after this)
      • sleep the computer and rewake it (HWMonitor says all offsets are now zero)

      If I reapply the voltages after this, it seems to stick even when I sleep it, until I reboot again (as above). This behaviour is with XTU ( installed as Administrator - earlier I'd installed it by just opening it (and getting a UAC prompt), and I'm sure the behaviour was less consistent (failing after every sleep, weird values changing in XTU - I'll get to that below) but I can't test that now. I uninstalled and reinstalled with Run As Administrator, and that's where these results are from.


      I don't know if it matters, but under System Information it says Watchdog Present: supported, but then Running at Boot: false and Failed: false. Also, whenever I open XTU to apply the changes, I exit the application again by right-clicking the tray icon. The Windows service is still running of course


      Here's some screens if these are useful:


      Here's the default profile in XTU and the HWMonitor readout with it applied




      Here's the profile I use (before applying, just for the highlighting), and the HWMonitor readout after I apply it:







      After sleeping (as described above) - notice XTU doesn't seem to think anything has changed:





      To reapply the profile I have to apply Default again (since XTU thinks the voltages are still applied), and then apply my profile values again, and then HWMonitor agrees they're applied:




      I don't know if this matters, but some other values change too. This is what happens when I apply my profile directly over the current values after sleeping (which should be the same if nothing has changed):


      for whatever reason, it thinks that current value is a zero offset - which is true if everything has reset, but why does it only spot that one? Before I reinstalled as admin, some of those IccMax values would change from the Default profile values too - going from 55A to 70A or vice versa. That isn't something I ever changed, and those never highlighted as changes when I was applying my voltage offsets. I thought I'd mention it in case it's a clue to what's going on