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    545s Series SSD freezes the entire system


      I have a brand new Intel SSD 545s Series, 512GB. I'm running Windows Server 2016.

      Every once in a while the entire system freezes. At that moment the HDD activity LED is continuously on.

      Pressing the reset button on the case does not help, because the SSD is not visible to the system until I turn the power off and then on again.


      Is there a solution to this problem?


      I also tried installing Rapid Storage Technology drivers (thought it might help), but the installation fails.

      The log file contains this:



      2018:03:01 19:37:22:249:   Scanning x86\iaStorAC.inf (Name: RAID32, Version:

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:253:     No section match

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:253:     MUP OS bits: 0x49200

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:253: E Win32 exception occurred!!

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:253:     Error code: 0x4E24 (20004)

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:257:     Error text: ''

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:257:     Extended error text: 'Error in device matching'

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:257:     Debug info: 'Setup.cpp (909)'

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:257:   Node is not valid. Failed to resolved error string from config file error: 20004

      2018:03:01 19:37:22:257:   propertyId: 8095, serror: This platform is not supported. errorCode: 20004


      I have no RAID, and generally I can live without RST drivers, but I would really like to solve the freezing problem.


      Thank you,