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    Bug after updating the intel hd graphics to v.


      just like the title says i´m having a serious bug while in fullscreen mode in games that use a bit too much of vram like overwatch,diablo,warframe,and a few others.all after i updated the driver for intel hd graphics to the version my notebook setup it´s an intel i5 4210U 1.7ghz 8gb ram 1 tb hd and the manufacturer it´s dell sooo is there anybody here who can help me?please.do i have to wait until they launch a new update or am i going to downgrade the driver for it to work fine?is there other options to solve this problem?i wait for your answer  guys.

      obs:when i try to take a print of the bug the image stabilize and show no bug but i just took a few pictures of a video that i made with my cellphone and transfered to my note through bluetooth so you guys can see what´s happening.Captura de Tela (66).pngCaptura de Tela (65).pngCaptura de Tela (67).pngCaptura de Tela (68).png