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    NUC5i3RYH showing no SATA installed


      I have a handful of NUC5i3RYH units operating in a closed environment on a closed network, all running Windows 10. One of the units is not showing an installed SATA port for UEFI boot in the BIOS, and the unit keeps trying to run Legacy network boot. All other units are functioning normally except this one. The hardware setup is identical across the environment. I've tried swapping SSDs that I know to be functioning with no result. The BIOS is current and consistent across the environment. Am I missing something? I can't think of any other explanation beyond the sled not being installed correctly/a SATA cable being loose in the box.


      Here's the catch: I can't open the box that the NUC is in. Any troubleshooting has to be done through the BIOS. No USB boot, no CD/DVD boot. Do I have any other options beyond returning the unit to the manufacturer?


      Thank yall for your time!