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    Problems with h264 video display




      I am developing an application that receives and displays a stream from a network camera.
      Updated the graphics driver in the environment that was working normally until now. Then I encountered a phenomenon that the application hangs when stopping or starting h264 stream display.
      Running the html sample we created in the same environment causes IE to stop working in a few hours. At that time, the error log of ntdll.dll is recorded in the event log. If I change the graphics driver back to the old version, no error will occur.

      Please tell me what is going on. This is a very big problem.
      Finally, I will describe my environment. Also attach the sample html and some files, the results of SSU.exe.


      - OS: Windows Embedded Standard 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) ServicePack 1
      - DirectX Version: DirectX 11
      - Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000
      - Driver Version:
         No problematic version:
         Problematic version: -


      Thank you in advance.
      ps. I apologize for my poor sentences.

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          Hello Hiro-miz

          Thank you for joining the Intel Community Support

          To further assist you, I sent you a private message.

          Wanner G.

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            I will report the results of the subsequent investigation on this question.


            I made the same question to the intel embedded community according to the advice.

            In the intel embedded community, I received advice to investigate whether the same phenomenon occurs even if the environment is changed.

            So I prepared a laptop for Ivy Bridge.

            I performed the same test with the following specs, it also occurred in standard Windows.

            So I decided to ask questions again in this community.


            Test PC spec:

            Model: HP ProBook 4540s

            CPU: Intel Core i 5 - 3210 M 2.5 GHz

            RAM: 4 GB

            Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000

            OS: Windows 8 Pro 64bit (clean installation)


            I applied version of intel graphics driver to the above PC and executed the attached HTML as the first post.

            Then, the phenomenon that IE stops occurs.

            I applied version, but IE will stop in the same way.


            What should I do in order to find the cause of the problem?


            Reference URL:




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              Hello Hiro-miz,

              Keep in mind that in this forum we support different Intel products such as Intel® Processors, Intel® Compute Sticks, Intel® NUC kits, among others. Because you are developing an application, you should contact another community.

              Please refer to the Developing Games & Graphics on Intel community below:


              Wanner G.