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    NUC7i7BNH loses video after samsung HDMI 2.0 TV is shutoff / turned on again


      So the title says this pretty well. I had exactly the same problem before I shifted from Linux to Windows 10 for an HTPC. As soon as the TV shuts off the Intel NUC loses connection (via HDMI) to the TV and when the TV comes back online it stays blank until the HDMI cable is physically unplugged / plugged back in.


      It's running the latest drivers pack from Intel but I don't think that's the issue, as both linux and now windows exhibit the same problem. I've tried two NUC7i7BNH's, both of which experienced this identical problem so I suspect it's very likely protocol handling problems between two HDMI 2.0 devices.


      It's possible that there's something up with the TV however none of the other HDMI devices connected to it are experiencing this problem.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try here?