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    Intel eXtensible 3.0 max USB number, not recognize others


      Hi everyone! I'm new to Communitie.

      I've a problem and I'would know if somebody could help me. Thanks in advance.


      I have  a Windows 7 Server Pack 1. I've 4 front USB and 6 back USB. I have used USBView in order to see more, and the controller that the PC has is Intel 3.0 eXtensible , with one HUB root with 27 ports.


      The fact is that I want to connect 40 USB devices, smartcard readers concretly, so i need some HUBs. We have 2 USB HUBs with 10 ports and 1 HUB with 20 ports.


      Then when I try to connect all of them, at the begining the driver of each device is recognized and installed. But when I've 20 readers enabled, next reader is not recognized and outputs error code 10 (not being able to enable) and i cannot use them. The same happens with all the other readers that were waiting to be enabled.


      I would like to know why do you think it could be. May it cannot handle more than 20 devices but I've read that should be able to handle at most 127devices, so i don't know.


      Thank you for your time and sorry if i don't know anything, i'm newbie.