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    NUC6i7KYK2 no video signal




      Suddenly I can only access my NUC6i7KYK2 using Remote Desktop from another computer in the same lan, but attached monitor by HDMI or Displayport are not recognized, not show anything.

      So I can access the bios.

      I verify that the monitors are OK, and also the cables are working.

      I tried moving the yellow jumper and also disconnecting the CMOS battery.

      Just yesterday I was able to use it with a monitor, the last time I  use a monitor was by displayport adapter to VGA. But now none works, even using direct HDMI cable.


      Device Manager (Windows 10) shows no errors, and the Intel graphics driver installed (all drivers and bios are up-to date) but on Monitor  only shows "Generic no-Pnp monitor", I don't know if this is normal as I'm using remote desktop, but a HDMI monitor is attached and did not show up.


      Iris Graphic Control Panel show no display available.




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