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    Intel VROC Problems (X299 Board, Hyper Nvme 16x, Premium VROC Key)


      Hi All,


      Is it just me or is Intel VROC a troll? I have been in discussions with Asus trying to get a problem rectified for months now with ZERO resolution.


      I have tried a significant amount of configurations and have had no success whatsoever.


      So the current system i am trying to get VROC to work with is as follows:


      Intel I9-7960X

      Asus WS X299 Pro With Asus Hyper NVMe 16X (4 way M.2 Adapter) & VROCPREMMOD

      32Gb DDR4 3000Mhz

      Windows 10 Pro 1709 fully updated

      (Irrelevant components: 1Kw PSU, Quadro P1000, Corsair 400Q)


      So the configurations i have tried:


      4 x 500Gb Samsung SM961

      4 x 500Gb Samsung Evo 960

      4 x 1Tb Samsung Pro 960


      I have several VROC keys including: VROCISSDMOD and VROCPREMMOD


      So i have tried everything as far as i can tell to get this configuration to work with no luck at all. I have set the PCIe slot in the CPU Storage Configuration to Asus Hyper 16X (VROC MODE) in the BIOS but regardless of what drives it has in it, a) the BIOS will only see 2 of the drives and b) they will not allow a RAID array to be configured as it constantly states (UNSUPPORTED)


      According to Intel the SM951/961 are supported. I find it highly annoying that not only have Intel released a chipset that has poorer support, terrible compatibility and worse performance than the previous chipset (x99) and then expect to purchase a VROC key to get it to run via the PCIe from the CPU rather than the PCH and even then it doesn't work.


      Any help would be appreciated.