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    intel S2600CP2



      I have server based on Intel S2600CP2 motherboard with Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology 2.

      Server is working almost great


      I have problem with sudden power failure: RAID forgot disk state and raid configuration.

      I have studied manual for this motherboard but i can not find BBU module ( Batterry Backup unit).


      Can you help me with these problem - maybe i don't know something about this motherboard but i think BBU is standard for RAID solution

      Is this module Intel® RAID Backup: Batteries and Flash  is compatible with this motherboard. Can you tell me where is connector to plug in this module ?


      Thank a lot


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Janusz Wojdyla,


          Thank you for contacting intel® Rapid Storage Technology for enterprise support


          Based on the information about the issue that you have provided us. It seems that the issue is more related to the motherboard itself, i will proceed to move your post to our Servers department so they can provide you further assistance.


          Best Regards
          Luis H

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            Hello Janusz,


            The ESRT2 onboard RAID solution, along with other software embedded RAID options like RSTe do not use, nor are compatible with RAID cache solution like the BBU. Those options are designed to be added as a feature for the Hardware RAID solutions (PCIe, RAID modules).


            As an extra mile suggestion to recover the array, and only if you have a recent backup for the failed RAID array, you could try to re-create the array without initializing.


            Basically, you delete the array, with all the hard drives in the same physical position, and re-create it without running the initialization process. This will give you back the raid array and will keep the metadata stored in the drives.

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              Thanks George for answer.

              I have to abandon ESRT2 onboard RAID solution - right now i'm working without RAID features.


              I don't understand sense of creating mainboard with integrated RAID module (with possibility to expansion with extra Intel RAID C600 upgrade key - 7 variants) without protection of sudden power failure situation.

              I cannot imagine situation - recovery RAID based on 8 SAS/SATA devices.


              I dont want to come back to situation when my server won't boot because RAID is inconsistent data state.

              I dont have problem with other servers because manufacturer remember to add BBU in case of sudden power failure situation.


              Best Regards


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                Thank you very much for the feedback. The business model for the integrated RAID products is different from the other high-end products. And as we discussed, not all the features are available for onboard RAID solutions.

                Thanks again, and have a nice day!!!