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    Intel PCIE SSD - SSDPEDMW400G4: Incorrect Function error




      My PCIE SSD drive has been working perfectly for months but today i logged in and now i can't access any files or folders on the drive. when i try i get this error


      [Window Title]

      Location is not available


      D:\Program Files is not accessible.

      Incorrect function.



      This is just a data drive but i use it for apps. This morning it looked like windows was trying to do an update so its possible that caused the issue. I was having issues updaing to the the latest windows 10 but i fixed that issue and it did not resolve the problem. I found a reference suggesting to use the Intel SSD toolbox to update the firmware but when i try i get this error

      2018-03-01 00_26_42-Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox.png

      The diagnostics does not work either because it seems like it can't access the drive.


      The model number seems to be: INTEL SSDPEDMW400G4


      I also tried the Intel driver support assistant but it dosn't detect any updates. I also uninstalled the driver from Windows device manager and rebooted but windows seemed to auto install the driver when it rebooted. I also updated my motherboard bios just in case.


      The motherboard i am using is Asrock Z270 Extreme4


      I did read somewhere that to check the Hardware Ids of the driver, that if it starts with SCSI\ that it might be using the wrong driver bit this is what windows installs.


      2018-03-01 00_34_03-INTEL SSDPEDMW400G4 Properties.png


      I'm out of things to try, any suggestions would be great. What else can i check?