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    [Bug] Bluetooth AC-3165 sound stutters nonstop when I rewind a video on a website.



      I have an Inspiron i5577 with AC-3165 w/BT. For a long time now, sometimes when I rewind a video on Firefox or Chrome, on any website, with a fresh Windows 10 installation, the video and audio becomes choppy. Imagine looking at a video that only plays 1 Frame Per Second. It plays for quarter of a second, stops, plays again, stops, etc. Once the stutter begins, every sound played through other sources such as local MP3 or Windows notification sound also stutter.


      If I rewind videos on a local MP4 file it never starts stuttering. It never starts stuttering with wired earphones. The stutter is always initiated when changing a video playback position on the browser. The more frequently I change the position, the more likely it stutters. Sometimes it stutters only for a second after rewinding but continues to play. When this initial one-time stutter happens, it always starts stuttering permanently after subsequent rewinding. Rewind once - it stutters once but plays fine. Rewind again - it stutters forever.


      I have tested it with two BT headsets manufactured by different companies, as well as on two web browsers. The problem is with the Bluetooth adapter or drivers.


      I have followed Mr. Carlos A.'s advice to reinstall WiFi and BT adapters but that hasn't solved it-3165 Bluetooth cuts of minus of a second that affects all devices connected. Dell Inspiron 7000 17" on W10. I've done… (tried Dell's WiFi/BT drivers too).


      To temporarily fix the problem I disable and re-enable the BT adapter. The BT headphone automatically pairs and it plays fine after the reset. Sometimes the stutter happens multiple times in 10 minutes, sometimes once an hour. It makes media consumption through BT highly unpleasant.


      I've attached Intel System utility log to this thread with a hope that someone can help troubleshoot it. I'm willing to go through technical steps. Thanks in advance!



      EDIT:  Here is a more detailed look at the problem. Open a YouTube video and play. Click on a rewind bar to skip ahead. Do it again. It starts stuttering. Click on Windows 10 notification button (bottom-right corner of taskbar) and from the action panel click on the Bluetooth card twice to disable and re-enable. Once the Bluetooth is disabled, what surprises me is that the video automatically stops. If I try to rewind the video while BT is being reset, it won't play. The video starts playing automatically on its own once the BT finishes resetting and pairs the BT headset. As soon as its automatically paired the video resumes with a proper sound.

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