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    I need help with overscaling!


      I'm running the newest updates for my Intel graphics 620, and in the control panel there used to be sliders that you could adjust where your screen edges lay. That isn't there anymore, and I need help. My Nvidia graphics card doesn't handle those portions of my graphics since I'm using HDMI and the Intel control panel isn't giving me the options I need. I know it's a computer issue because I've hooked up to other TVs and monitors and the problem is still there. Help me please!!??!!




      Lenovo Yoga 910

      Windows 10 64-bit

      Intel Core 17-7500U @2.70GHz ~2.9GHz

      16 Gigs of RAM

      DirectX 12




      Intel Graphics 620

      Approx. Total Memory- 8 gigs




      NVIDIA GeForce 940MX

      Approx. Total Memory- 10 gigs/2 dedicated