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    HNS2600JF{Q,F} Compute Modules in H2312XXKR2, H2312XXLR2, or H2312XXLR3 Chassis


      We have a couple of racks of H2216JF{Q,F}KR Server Systems that we would like to somehow convert to using 3.5" SATA HDDs from the 2.5" SATA HDDs dictated by the H2216 chassis (capacity offered by 3.5" HDD more than outweighs the benefit of the extra spindles 2.5"HDD would give us)


      After some research, it seems the least-worst way to do this is to buy replacement H2312XXKR chassis and migrate all of our HNS2600JF{Q,F} compute modules to the new chassis (and buy lots of new 3.5" HDDs), but as the H2312XXKR chassis is EOL as of Q4 2015, those chassis are difficult to track down in bulk.


      Would our HNS2600JF{Q,F} compute modules be compatible with any of the more recent H2312XXKR2, H2312XXLR2, or H2312XXLR3 chassis? I suspect the H2312XXKR2, being closest in vintage to the H2312XXKR, would be our best (and perhaps only) option, but I'm open to all options to eke out as much useful lifetime out of these systems.