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    Which RealSense camera is more suited




      I'm in the process of developing some photo booth application based on RealSense technology.


      The person must be between 2 to 4 feet away for the camera. Typical the torso area.


      Been trying with the SR-300.


      For this kind of task I don’t' really know if the SR-300 is the best one suited for this?


      Can anyone tell me if the D-400, D-435 or any other one may be better a better choice?


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          In May 2017 there was another user who were looking into using SR300 RealSense cameras in a photo booth, and the logistics of other related problems such as finding a computer board small enough to fit into the dimensions of the booth.  It's a very long conversation that begins as a discussion about USB cable lengths, so I'll link you in at the point where photo booths begin to be discussed.


          Re: Recommended USB 3 extender for over 150ft? RealSense RS300


          The USB version of the SR300 camera is now retired from sale, though the caseless circuit board 'module' version of the SR300 is still being produced by Intel.  I would recommend using a 400 Series camera, since it's around the same cost as an SR300 was, and has the latest advanced camera technology.  More bang for your buck, as they say!


          The 400 Series is available in both USB camera and caseless module versions, so it is suited to prototyping on a desktop computer with the USB camera and then using the caseless module version in the final photo booth, if an actual booth is going to be produced.


          My recommendation for a photo booth would be the D435.  The D415 is more suited to scanning static objects.  The D435 has a wider field of vision so it can capture more of the person using the photo booth, and it excels at tracking things that are in motion (the booth user is unlikely to sit absolutely still).