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    X710 SR-IOV VF still working when PF is down


      Hi there,


      I'm using X710-DA4 with SR-IOV mode on Skylake servers.

      latest fw and drivers (i40e) installed on system. and vf driver is added into blacklist.


      there is a VF that belongs to a PF. and that VF is attached to a VM.

      after that, I tried ping from VM to a pc that connected to the server port that has the PF.


      it works well. ping packets are received by the pc.


      the problem (or different behavior) is that,

      even the PF link goes down using "ifconfig xx down or ip link set xxx down" but the VF still sending packet to the pc.

      is this right behavior on X710/XL710?

      if yes, any architectural/tech background that I can get?