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    Intel Graphic Drivers prevents CPU low power mode

      I have an issue with my Zotac ZBOX CI547 (7200U CPU) running Windows Server 2016.


      All works fine, except that EXACTLY 10 minutes after booting up the machine the CPU has continues 5-10% CPU peeks from System process. dxgmms2.sys to be exact.


      It peeks up so frequently that the CPU is never turned into low power mode (800 MHz) and always runs at 2-2.8 Ghz consuming high power even when there is nothing running on the computer. This causes a constant and high temperatures.


      I boiled it down to the Intel Graphics Driver for the integrated Intel HD 620 graphic card.


      When I uninstall the graphic drivers the CPU peaks disappear immediately, but I also lose the 3D acceleration.


      Running on most recent Windows Server 2016, all updates installed.


      Tried windows shipped in drivers, also the latest 15.65, 15.60, 15.47 drivers. All have the issue. And every time it appears exactly 10 minutes after system boot time. 100% reproduceable.


      How can I solve this issue? I have spend a week trying to nail down and fix this issue, but only when uninstalling the driver the issue disappears and the CPU stays idle (0-1% CPU over an hour period). inte-7200U.png


      It looks like the image above and always begins at exactly 10 minutes "up time" mark.


      I have no ideas what else to try and how to fix it. Please, fast solution required, so much time lost and I need this device running correctly now.

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