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    my eSIO temp is at 127 degree celsius


      hi i'm no intel specialist. but i think there some thing wrong with the eSIO temp on a msi TRident micro pc

      CPuid tell me the temp of eSIO is at 127 degree celsius...


      here my complete system analyst:


      and the cpuid repport


      How can i manage this eSIO issue


      Thanks in advance saving this computer of mine !!

      4 dza Lulz !!

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          i also have an issue on boot... when the computer is cold... it just won'T start... can those two issue can be related to eatch other... maybe you can tell ^^


          or should i start a new topic about that issue... yes i do lol and done... here'S the link to this issue:


          Msi TRident i5 6400 won'T boot if cold

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            First of all, an eSIO is an Super I/O (SIO) device that includes an embedded microcontroller (uC). This design allows part of the SIO's functionality to be implemented in software (the uC's firmware), rather than hardware (silicon). This firmware can be stored in an external device, allowing it to be updated with bug fixes (heaven forbid) and new or differing functionality.


            Secondly, programs like HWMonitor have a fatal flaw: While they can understand how a particular monitoring device works - how to access it, how to read its registers, etc. - they cannot understand how the device is actually *used* in a particular motherboard design - what voltages are connected to what inputs, how they are scaled (and thus what multipliers are necessary afterwards to reconstitute a reading), what type of sensor devices (thermal diodes or thermistors) are connected to the temperature inputs, etc. and etc. As a result, these programs get a lot of readings horribly wrong. Witness the absolute mess that the voltage readings are.


            In this case, the HWMonitor program is indicating that the eSIO temperature is 0x7F. I do not believe that the sensor is measuring the eSIO temperature. I believe that it is an unused sensor that the program doesn't know not to display. It is presuming that there is a connected thermal diode or thermistor but it is likely not present on the board (the sensors usually generate value 0x7F or 0x80 when this is the case).


            Bottom line, I do not believe that there is anything wrong; it is nothing but a flaw (one of many) in the HWMonitor program's output. If you would like to verify this, you need to contact MSI and ask them how they have configured the eSIO and what sensors within the eSIO are actually being used.


            Hope this explains it,


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              And, to be explicit, no, this doesn't have anything to do with any issues you are having with cold boot.


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                hi. and thx for this quick reponds !!


                so this eSIO is just missing...


                aright, that explains why the temp never changes... like the others part does... means it stay allway at 127 degree C...


                thx for the explaination dho...


                and have a nice day mr. N.


                i'll mark this issue solved...


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