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    IntelHDGraphics630 with MSI GeForce GT 710




      I've just bought this computer https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06Y5ZQKX2?ref_=pe_2105081_77703951_E_Asin_Title  with an Intel graphics cards included.


      Because I want 4 monitors, I've also bought this graphics card and installed in my machine MSI GeForce GT 710 Passive Silent 2 GB Graphics Card - Black: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


      Problem is on my display adapters in Device Manager only the NVIDIA shows up (even if I select hidden devices as well). No monitor gets detected by the Intel graphics card.


      I was trying to delete and reinstall both drivers, but after deleting both and restarting the PC, NVIDIA just kind of automatically installed itself and the Intel looks to be gone for good.



      Any help on this?



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          Al Hill

          Does the Zoostorm bios support both the onboard (intel) and add-on (nvidia) AT THE SAME TIME?


          Typically, insertion of an add-on card disables the onboard graphics.


          Check your bios, and ask the system manufacturer (if you can contact Zoostorm) about this.


          To test, remove the add-on card and see if the onboard graphics work.


          Stop deleting drivers until you know what is really happening.



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            I found this on their Q&A:



            Can I install my own graphics cards?


            Is it technically possible to install a graphics card and which graphics cards will be compatable. I want to do a few things which I think I will need a graohics card for

            From: Jaruip


            Hi Jaruip, Thanks for contacting us. Yes it is possible to install a discreet graphics card. The Evolve system can support up to an Nvidia GT 1030 or AMD Radeon RX 550. Regards Nathan


            By: Zoostorm


            Does this mean my graphics card is not supported?

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              Al Hill

              Intel did not make your graphics card.  You will have to ask your system manufacturer about your nvidia card.


              Your intel graphics are not a "card".  They are graphics that are built into your processor.  This is different than an add-on graphics card.


              Just ask zoostorm.