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    NUC Hades Canyon - worth to wait?


      Hi all,


      I would like to know if it is worth to wait for the coming NUC Hades Canyon. From specs like the combined Intel Prozessor/AMD gpu it looks like it could do basic video optimization using madvr which is nice.


      My question is if old problems with NUCs will be solved in this new generation like:
      1.) 3D mvc incompatibility via HDMI 2.0 since it requires HDMI 1.4 and somehow current NUC 2.0 HDMIs have not been downwards compatible (e.g. see thread https://communities.intel.com/thread/112109?start=255&tstart=0 )
      2.) HDR support for video playback as well as streaming services like Netflix/Amazon?
      3.) With the new processor/gpu combination will players still be able to use 4k hardware acceleration?