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    Bluetooth devices freezing not responding intermittently


      Hey all,


      I have a STK1AW32SC, with Windows 10 x64 on it.


      Intermittently, every so often (anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes), all the connected bluetooth devices will stop responding.


      The devices think they are still connected, but things like Mice and Keyboards stop responding.


      Windows will still show the devices as connected, and the devices will also show as still being connected. Power cycling the devices will make them start up like normal and try to find a device to connect to without success.


      The Compute stick will perpetually think that whatever devices were last connected to it are still connected. The only way to solve the problem is to turn bluetooth on the compute stick off for 5 seconds, and turn bluetooth back on.


      The devices will immediately re-connect and all will be well again for another few seconds to as long as half an hour.


      This never happens when devices are left connected but idle. This only happens if the devices are actively being used.


      I've never come up to the compute stick (which is always on and never goes to sleep) to find my BT keyboard and mouse unresponsive, but I will frequently be using my keyboard or mouse to have both of them suddenly stop responding, and have to resort to remote desktop or a USB mouse to turn bluetooth off, wait 5 seconds, and turn bluetooth back on again.


      This Compute stick shipped with x86 windows 10 on it, and while I didn't have that on it for too long before i went 64 bit (only about an hour or so), I don't remember that happening back then.



      Is this a driver issue? Is this a setting in the EFI/BIOS that needs to be tweaked? Is it bad hardware?


      I appreciate any help anyone can provide. I've already reinstalled a couple times, and done all the firmware/bios/driver/windows updates to no avail.