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    Gaming stuck at 60FPS - Vsync setting seems different


      So, I've been trying to figure out why my Counter-Strike: Source FPS is capped at 60 as if v-sync is on. I checked Steam settings and it is disabled.


      I use the guide checking Intel HD Graphics 5500 settings and mine is a bit different than what Intel instructs. It appears my setting is currently correct, but still...Intel should update the tutorial if it is outdated.


      When going to 3d>General Settings>Custom Settings>Vertical Sync only lists two options for me. 1) Application Settings 2)Driver Settings


      I have it as Application settings, because that is what the guide here at Intel recommends to DISABLE v-sync. Still though, my game is capped at 60FPS and XBOX DVR recording settings are all disabled.


      I don't know what to do anymore. Super frustrated and trying everything to avoid deinstalling Windows 10 and just going back to Windows 7.