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      Hello all,


      I've been reviewing almost all topics regarding this error on NUC, but I couldn't find anything regarding this error with a NUC6i7KYK (only with an i5, and I hope that it's not the same error).

      So in fact the computer is running rather smoothly and I'm happy with it,, but as soon I start some games it crash, showing this Windows blue screen error message.

      Windows is up to date with the latest updates, and I've download and install all drivers manually , (and it's confirmed by driver update utility tool, exept the well known issue Ethernet driver), as well as the latest BIOS version.

      I've been running some tests with intel Processor diagnostic tool which all succeed.

      I've already been reinstalling Windows 10.

      I've tried to exchange the RAM, but it didn't help.

      Unfortunatelly I do not have another SSD to try.



      So I'm getting a bit lost, what do you think I could do.

      My configuration:


      RAM 16GB DDR4-2133 CT16G4SFD8213

      SSD Crucial MX300 275GB


      Thanks in advance for your support.