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    STCK1A8LFC can not run headless unless I update BIOS (I have version 24), but I can't update BIOS


      As mentioned, I have linux 16.04 server installed on Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC.

      I want to run it headless as a printer server, however whenever I unplug it from a HDMI monitor

      and reboot it via SSH it does not come live again.

      Of course It does boot fine if connected to the display.

      I have been searching internet for around 5 hours now and I found that I have to update my BIOS to version at least 31.

      I have tried both v. 31 and 35, this is what I do:

      1. I copy the .bio files into the USB stick

      2. I press F7, select file, press enter to confirm

      3. The screen goes dark for a while

      4. The intel Compute Stick reboots

      5. When I enter bios again I see that it has not been updated

      Also, no output is displayed, When I press enter to confirm I want to flash it It just goes black for a while (1-2 secs) and displays Compute

      Stick BIOS menu again.

      Any tips?@