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    S5000PSL turns off after running for few seconds & no vga signal




      This is my first time trying to build and I am no expert, so please understand if I ask for more details even for something simple. I have:

      1) 2 x  Intel Xeon quadcore E5450 3Ghz 12MB L2 SLANQ

      2) 32GB RAM (8 x  4GB, DDR2, 667, CL5, ECC)

      3) Intel S5000PSL , PBA: E11027-102

      4)SolidGear SDGR-750E , 750W PSU

      5)2 x CoolerMaster HyperT4 cpu cooler (attached with metal wires)

      6) 3 x 120mm case fans (3 pins)

      7) no GPU for now


      In the "pluggedins" image you can see that everything with a red mark means that I have something connected there. I have 2 problems. First one is there is no vga signal at all. Second one, is the LEDs issue. So, I turn the PSU, first the LED in "1" (PowerUpTry image) will be green then turn to half green and half amber ,eventually to solid amber. Now I press the power button of the case, after ~6 seconds it turns from amber in "1" to "2". After another ~6 seconds, it goes from "2" to "3" to "4" to "5" very quickly. It stays on "5" for ~ 6 seconds then the whole thing shuts down, all the fans stop working and end up with "6". During this process, the fans start to spin but dont make loud noise, after few seconds the noise becomes louder then few seconds later the noise becomes like how it was in the beginning eventually stop when the machine shuts down.


      I tried installing one RAM stick at a time. I got the "beep" voice from 1 to 4 sticks for each time. But from 5 to 8 sticks there was no "beep" anymore. I tried 'one ram stick at a time' method with 2 cpus because it took me hours to place the cpu cooler right on the cpu and make it tight and firm. I hope it will be fixed without taking out the cpu.


      I hope I can fix this up and run this machine eventually. Any knowledge or experience with this kind of issue is greatly appreciated. Please ask if something is not clear.