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    Latest version of Unite Hub and server


      Seriously, why is it so complicated to get the latest version of the clients, Hub, and entreprise server version from Intel?

      On your download page you have plugins, MAC client and extended display driver but there is no info about how to get the Windows client, hub or entreprise server version.


      Lenovo website give us an old version of the hub (dated to 2016)

      The most recent version I was able to get was going on the Dell Website (and I dont even have a Dell)


      Is it soo hard to give us a clear Roadmap on what and where you are doing/going with this app, a support page with all the latest built so we can download them and know at least we are up to date


      I think you are handling this app in a very "amateurish" way.


      Many months ago, you said you were going to let us install the server version using the SQL express instead of having to use a paid SQL server... is there any update on that issue?

      What about your Hub not being able to work on multiple VLAN? Is there an update in the work to make this possible and reflect more the actual IT reality where entreprise have multiple VLAN for Wireless/wired vlan.


      I am losing fate in Unite and I dont think you are communicating correctly with your customers...

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          Intel Corporation
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          Thank you for joining the community.

          Could you let us know what version was available on the website for your system? if possible also the version provided by DELL™?

          I am going to investigate more on the situation of the SQL server and the multiple VLAN uses.

          Leonardo C.

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            Downloads Detail unite  This is the Lenovo Intel Unite page... which contain only version 3.0 dated back to 2016

            And the one I downloaded from Dell is the from there Intel Unite® Downloads - Enterprise Client - Wiki - Client and Mobile Solutions - Dell Community


            So tell me... Why is it so hard to get the latest built straight from Intel with information about fixes and features? I am really speechless about this one... it really doesnt make any sense.

            Why dont you provide your Partners with the latest version... I mean Lenovo is a big player and you are even linking your Unite compatible devices to that vendor... so Why dont you make sure they are up-to-date?


            SQL Express version and multiple Vlan... We talked about this last April and still no update. You guys even told me there was no reason for Unite not to work on SQL Express since its so small and doesn't need any complexe fat database. And Vlan... come on, we are in 2018! Making your device unable to be discovered if we are not in the exact same VLAN is a non-sense.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello RaidX 

              Thank you for your response
              We are investigating the questions for the SQL server and the multiple VLANS uses
              Allowed to share with you that we recommend using the driver available on the manufacturer website for their systems, please check your private inbox
              Leonardo C.