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    Changing harddrive that Optane uses


      I have a brand new HP Elite desk system that was ordered with a 2 TB drive for archival storage and a 500 GB drive to use with the Optane module.  When I fire up the system, it is configured with the 2TB as the boot (Optane) drive and the 500 GB for storage.  I want to setup the system to use the 500 GB for boot and Optane, but I have no idea as to how to proceed.  Everything I read confuses me even more!


      I saw the video about setting up a windows USB, but I was lost about 2 minutes into the video.  I really prefer to READ instructions...


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions...





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          I answered my own question, so I will share with others! 


          1.  Go to the Microsoft Windows x64 ISO Download page and follow the instructions to create a USB install.

          2.  Make certain the Hard Drive you WANT to work with Optane is installed in SATA 0.

          3.  Boot to the USB and Install a new copy of Windows 10 (UEFI) on the Hard Drive.

          4.  Now, go to the motherboard (or PC...HP in my case) suppliers web site and download (and Install) the latest version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology Software.

          5. Run the software.  In my case, the storage drive was still showing as enabled with the Optane memory module.  DISABLE Optane and reboot as the software tells you.

          6.  Run the software again and choose the New Drive (smaller in my case) that you just installed the fresh copy of Windows 10 on.

          7.  Choose ENABLE and reboot again.  You will notice a faster start-up time!

          8.  Run the software again and verify that the proper drive is now selected for use with the Optane Memory!

          9.  Crack a cold brew and ENJOY!!! You earned it!!!

          10.  ADDED BONUS...all the bloatware is now GONE and you have a nice clean install!!!


          I hope this helps others who have this issue...