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    Unite PIN Server HA Issue


      Hello Unite Team,


      Here is a issue with Unite PIN server high available on F5 Loadbalance. In our environment, we have two pin server each one is woking well when running as single server.

      We used DNS SRV to search the uniteservice by server IP adress, everything is OK. but when we used DNS SRV to search the uniteservice by F5 virtual IP, the HUB can't got the PIN most of times. when we bypass the F5 virtual IP the HUB is working well.

      what‘s the problem?   the F5 Loadbalance model is [RoundRobin]


      How to config F5 or any F5 requirement come to intel unite?


      Server version 3.2.8

      HUB version 3.2.8

      Client version 3.2.8




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello laurent yvrard,

          Thank you so much for contacting us regarding the issue that you are experiencing with the Intel Unite App, it will be more than a pleasure to assist you this.
          In order to help you better I will send this case to a specific team in charge that will contact us as soon as possible.
          I will reach you out once that the case is under review.
          I appreciate your patience in advance,

          Diego S

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hello sdh1984
            Thank you for your patience.
            We just received an update from our Intel Unite Team where they made reference to:
            The page 68, part 12:7 shows a workaround for the slowness on the PIN server which is the following:
            The Enterprise Server manages allocation of pins and looking up pins to connect to rooms. As a security feature the rate at which a user can request pins and query pins from the database is limited with an exponential back off algorithm. This back-off mechanism tracks attempts based on the user’s IP address and the number of attempts. Production servers may utilize load balancers to help manage load and maintain redundancy in the environment. The load balancers redirect traffic to the appropriate web servers. So the web server may appear to be receiving all requests from the same IP address thus triggering the back off algorithms. The database contains a stored procedure (spGetPinBackoffTime) that returns the calculated delay in seconds back to the web server. This functionality can be disabled, so the stored procedure always returns 0. This disables the security back off algorithm.
            I hope this helps,

            Best Regards,
            Diego S.

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              It has been resolved with your help. Thanks.