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    Support for 480i CEA




      We have an adapter that convert HDMI to Component, the adapter support 480i CEA input. It has been tested and it work with a Raspberry Pi with the following config:





      We are trying to make it work with an Intel HD630 under Windows 10, but when we try to configure a custom resolution:


      Select Display: Digital Television LONTIUM

      With: 720

      Height: 480

      Refresh Rate: 60

      Interlaced Mode: Enabled

      Underscan Percentage: 0

      Timing Standard: CEA 861


      We received the following error message:

           An Invalid value has been entered. Refer to the Manufacturer Manual to determine the supported value for this display.


      Attached the information about the PC.


      Can we make the HD630 work in 480i CEA?