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    Driver or hardware fault causing BSODs


      For a couple of years I've been getting Blue Screens in my desktop, I've reset the computer many times thinking it was a driver fault, but the errors only stop for about a week before they start happening again. I'm not sure if a driver update or hardware is causing these errors. The early symptoms of this problem include constant freezes and when I check the event log it shows mostly the event id 129 iaStorA or event id 153 disk(which would spam the log). Sometimes the computer would restart when I get blue screens, but if it is really bad the computer would get stuck in a loop at the starting screen. Last time the computer got stuck in the starting screen I turned it off, removed the case and reseated the sata cables. When I turned the computer on after that there were no errors for about a month, this made me think that it was maybe a faulty sata cable, but I want to be sure if it is. I've replaced the hard drive and the ram before so I don't think that is the problem.