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    Intel i5 8400 cpu graphics and audio disfunction


      Description 'Always'



      I repaced my ASUS Maximus VIII Hero mobo with an ASUS Maximus X Hero and my intel i5 6600K CPU with a i5 intel 8400 cpu. which output a 60hz refresh rate in UHD HDR 4K. Since the upgrade the Intel Display Settings only allow refresh rates up to 30hz although the cpu, gpu and TV/AVR are capable of 3840 x 2160 x 60hz.

      I had previously removed my 'ASUS Nvidea PH-GT1030-02G' card which ran at 3840 x 2160 x 60hz by default and played audio at 24k x 192 khz with this exact same setup. I have read several similar posts on your site but the fixes refer to processes not obviously visible on my system. You will notice that the HDR slider is not visible on W10 Display Settings.



      The digital audio from the CPU is also disfunctional as it will not play 24 bit x 192 khz music although the onboard analogue sound can play 24 x 192 and higher without problems. ASUS says this is the responsibility of the CPU manufacturere and has no fixes for this fault.






      Panasonic Viera 50EX700 series 4K TV/Monitor EFP single display

      Marantz SR 7011 Full 4K TV and upscaler AVR

      HDMI 2.0a cables on all connections

      Samsung nVMe 240G system hard drive

      ASUS Z370 Maximus X Hero Desktop PC

      Intel i5 8400 cpu

      GPU Intel 630

      Latest BIOS, drivers etc.

      Only Intel cpu graphics installed

      16 Gig Corsair Ram

      BIOS version 1003 (latest)

      Video Player MPC-HC latest version

      Digital sound from intel cpu

      Analogue sound from Realteck on-board soundcard