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    What can I do with a D435?


      Hi, my project is a robot equipped with these components:


      - UP Squared Celeron Duo Core 4GB memory/32GB eMMC

      Link: https://up-shop.org/up-boards/94-up-squared-celeron-duo-core-4gb-memory32gb-emmc.html


      - Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435

      Link: Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435 - Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras


      - OS Windows 10 Full


      - Language Visual C#


      Now, my question is: with these components, what can my robot do? Person tracking/recognition? Face tracking/recognition? Scanning room? Follow a person?



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          Your project should be able to do all of those things with the D435, but you will need to combine its RealSense SDK 2.0 software with modules provided by other software platforms such as OpenCV and ROS, as the SDK 2.0 does not have built-in support for the detection and tracking features that you listed.  SDK 2.0 is compatible with being integrated with a range of platforms such as OpenCV, ROS and LABVIEW.


          Supported Languages

          C++ 11 (GCC 5 / Visual Studio 2015 Update 3)


          Python 2.7 / 3.6




          .NET / C#


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            Thanks for response.

            But, if  I can use (for example) the OpenCv (EmguCV in my case) with a normal webcam, what is the advantage to use a D435?

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              The D435 has significant technical advantages over an ordinary webcam, including a long view range, wide field of view and a Vision Processor D4 vision chip for superior image processing and filtering.  It also excels at tracking objects that are in motion.