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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID 5 slows OS boot time after first write


      Hi All,


      My Current configuration is:

      OS; Window 7 Pro with all the latest patches installed.

      PC: Dell XPS 8700

      Intel Rapid Storage Technology Ver

      Drive Configuration:

           OS Drive: SSD 447 GB (Samsung)

           3  X 4 TB Drives (Western Digital)


      My system reboot cycle time (until you get the Window Login Screen) is usually around 25 seconds.

      I noticed that once I build a Raid 5 (3 x 4 TB Drive) with Intel Rapid Storage Technology, after the first write on the Raid-5 whenever i reboot my system in takes up to 4 minutes to get the Window Login Screen.

      I did the following trouble shooting:

      1. I build the raid-5 and reboot. No issue. Reboot time is around 30 Seconds.
      2. I initialized the raid-5 (takes around 2 days) and reboot. No issue. Reboot time is around 30 seconds.
      3. I start using/writing to the raid-5 . Reboot now takes 4 minutes.
      4. Delete the raid-5 . Reboot goes back to 30 seconds.


      Anyone know what could be affecting the reboot once the raid-5 is written to ? And how to fix this so that reboot time reverts to normal.

      Many Thanks