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    Intel edison mcu sdk



      since a couple of days I just try to install the linux 64 bit sdk for the intel edison mcu.

      I tried to follow Installing the MCU SDK | Intel® Software without success.

      I think I understood I need to look at Download Intel® Edison - Board Support Package

      But then - which package I need to download? I assume https://downloadmirror.intel.com/25028/eng/edison-sdk-linux64-ww25.5-15.zip , right?

      If I execute the script inside that zip it installes something which doesn't look like a toolchain at "/opt/poky-edison/1.7.2/...". It looks more like a yocto fragment...

      And which eclipse I need accordingly? And where to get it?


      Since I've never used the mcu sdk befor the discontinoation notification I have completely no clue how to set up a working mcu sdk.

      What I hope to end up with is a toolchain (compiler/binutils/libs) and an ide (or any strategy to build a working mcu application).


      Any help on this is very welcome.


      Best regards,