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    onboard dvi dead after win10 bluescreen?


      Hello Intel Community!


      Since a windows 10 bluescreen (the sort which shows a QR code + tells that X percent of support information are generated and that a system reboot can be performed after 100% completion) my onboard dvi output is dead.


      I performed a intel hd graphics driver update from the intel site then, but the problem persists.


      I have checked with a second dvi cable (identical pins configuration) and with a second display and a second dvi connector (thru a card module added to the system), so i can rule out a display od cable damage. The cause of the problem must be somewhere either at the dvi connector or the mainboard (carrying the connector physically) or the onboard graphics chip (in my understanding generating the signal for the connector).


      The analog/RGB/VGA output onboard (next to the dvi output in question and getting its signal from the onboard intel hd graphics device as well) still carries a (correct) displayable signal.


      Windows Device Manager's details of the intel hd graphics do not show anything that i (as a user only) could interpret as an abnormality. Intel's Online Driver & Support Assistant reports "Running at full power. This device is working properly."


      Intel's Graphics Control Panel reports an error on executing the application each time i navigate there to "info-center" (within "options"). After that message the application is closed (entirely).


      I would be thankful for suggestions/ideas on how to further localize the dvi output problem.