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    NUC Kit selection suggestion for Robotic Application?


      Hello guys,


      I am trying to get a quote of a NUC for a Robotic application, I have spent the last 3 hours looking for the perfect fit with no luck, also I have many doubts about if is mandatory to buy RAM memory and Hard Drive (if not which would be the final features). If you can help me I leave here my requirements:


      • Processor of at least 2 cores and 2.0 GHz
      • RAM memory of at least 4GB
      • Memory space or Hard drive of 32 GB or more
      • Compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 TLS
      • 2 Ethernet ports, if its not possible include the accessory compatible
      • And finally it would be great to have an enclosure of IP 65


      I would say that I have for this purpose the budget of around 450 USD


      Thank you very much for your help