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    SR2600URBRPR chassis replacement




      We currently have 2x "Intel Server System SR2600URBRPR" servers.


      We are moving our offices to a new location but we cannot take our Rack chassis with us so we are looking to buy a new one.

      In the current solution the servers do not fit the rack so they are resting at the bottom of the rack which is neither a pretty nor practical solution.

      Right now we are looking to buy a "Toten 19" Floor Cabinet 15U 600X800" but as far as we can see the 2 servers wont fit just as the current solution.

      1st reason is because we changed the disks to SSD's but SSD disks don't fit correctly in the drive bays so each bay extends a few cm from the server chassis.

      2nd it seems the server chassis is a bit too long for the rack chassis - As far as we can tell.


      It is not possible to replace the servers so the solutions we are looking at are the following:

      1. Replace the server chassis with one that fits in the rack chassis.

      2. Replace the rack chassis with one that fits the servers. The requirement are that we have both front and back access but with the possibility closing the rack both front and back.

      3. If none of the above is possible then we have no choice but to place the servers outside the rack wither on the floor or on top of the rack. This solution is our fallback if neither solution 1 or 2 is possible.


      We hope someone can point us in the right direction.




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          Hello Krmit,
          Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.
          Base on your description, since you are leaving behind your old rack, I reckon by far your best shot is to get a new rack able to fit the servers you already have, easier and more cost effective.
          Now, in this kind of scenarios you need to consider the external dimensions of the server chassis compared to the racks internal capability. Your server chassis are 3.44” height, 16.93” width and 27.95” long, so as an industry standard you need to go to the next bigger form factor as follows:  in regards to the height these are 1U chassis which means that the rack height will depend on how many devices need to be accommodated in it, counting servers, switches, routers and whatever else you need to get in there (consider leaving  1 empty U in between each chassis), thinking on the servers alone the most comfortable option would be anything within 9U and 15U. The indicated width measure should be 19” and depth of at least 30”. It worries me what you mention about your drives being “out of bounds” so I would recommend to get a rack with “curved” doors (nothing special just not flat) or to play it safe and get a door less.
          I managed to find some very good examples on line that could be good options:
          Chatsworth CUBE-iT Plus Swing-out Cabinets
          Safstar Wall Mount Network Server Data Cabinet Enclosure Rack Glass Door Lock w/ Fan (15U)

          StarTech.com 12U Adjustable Depth Open Frame 4 Post Server Rack with Casters/Levelers and Cable Management Hooks 4POSTRACK12U Black  ***Note: Please check this one up closely, I couldn’t see its width, but if it fits there wouldn’t  be any problems with the drives.

          Take in consideration  getting in touch with one of our Technology Providers  as they handle this kind of inquiries in a daily basis, they might have some better option worth considering as well, find your nearest provider here.

          I hope this helps you to get at least a starting point or if you have further questions or concerns please let me know, also I would like to follow up with you at some point in the near future to know how it everything went, so if you consider that necessary I will be glad to do so.
          Anyway I will stay tuned to your comments, best regards.
          Kenneth R.
          Intel  Customer  Support.
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            Hello Krmit,

            This goes as a follow up, have you had the chance to check the information provided? is there anything else I can help you with?

            tuned to your comments.


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              I'm sorry i havn't answered but i've been a little busy.

              We found the info very helpful. It gave us some things to think about.


              We ended up going for the rack chassis we had already found but changed it to a 600x1000 version instead to be sure that we have enough space for the servers.


              I've marked your answer as the correct one.




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                I'm glad to hear the information helped to figure this out, I'l set the thread as closed but if you need anything else please let us know.

                Good luck with the moving.

                Kenneth R.
                Intel Customer Support