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    sorry i was really angry


      i modified this thread because it could hurt someones feelings or uncomfortable. sorry for that. i couldnt find how to delete this thread.

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          Al Hill

          Ok, enough with the attitude and language.  You purchased the laptop, knowing it had Intel HD graphics.  There were other choices.


          That said, check your bios to see if Intel graphics can be disabled.  If you do not know how, check with the laptop manufacturer, as it is THEIR BIOS, not Intel's.


          In the Nvidia graphics control panel, and I do not know where exactly, there is a setting that you can use to run all applications on the nvidia graphics.  Consult nvida or your laptop manufacturer for the location.


          If you want to calm down and get more help, provide the complete processor model number, and the Windows version you are using.


          Good luck,