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    [X710] Secondary ip address doesn't answer arp anymore




      We have 2 servers using X70 nics (Debian Jessie, Kernel 4.14.15).

      On each interface we have two ip on same subnet.

      Randomly, the secondary ip address doesn’t answer to arp request anymore.

      The only solution we have to fix the problem is to manually send arp announcements over the network using a script (while true, sendarp).

      There is no proxy arp on neighbors.


      # ethtool -i eth0

      driver: i40e

      version: 2.1.14-k

      firmware-version: 6.01 0x80003485 1.1747.0

      bus-info: 0000:82:00.0

      supports-statistics: yes

      supports-test: yes

      supports-eeprom-access: yes

      supports-register-dump: yes

      supports-priv-flags: yes


      This issue occurs on both servers, and we have same software configuration on a lot  sites, and the problem appear only when there is X710 nics.


      Anyone already had this problem ?


      Kind regards