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    Skylake Pentium boxed fan issue (not detected, no rpm signal)


      Hello Intel support team;


      Recently I purcased a boxed Intel Pentium G4400 CPU (Skylake) which is equipped with an NIDEC E97379-001 fan.

      This fan gives no RPM-Signal and is not detected in BIOS - also it runs slow and makes some whining noise.

      I tested it on several chassis fan headers on the board with no rpm-signal.

      The fan twitches for a while and than stars running slow an noisy like a vacuum cleaner.

      A mounted chassis fan connected to the cpu fan header on the board gives a rpm signal, is detected and runs normal.

      So the headers on the mainboard seem to be ok  - the issue is up to the NIDEC fan.


      The mainboard (MSI H110M-ProVH) was updated to the latest BIOS (V2.F 17/12/05), the cables of the fan are not damaged.

      Can you help me with this issue?