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    Eth card 82579LM


      Good morning!

      I have a problem with the 82579LM card.

      Let me start with a description of the situation, we have been producing mining machines for the explosion-risk zone for years. We have been using an Ethernet connection of a PLC with a PC for about 10 years. The connection is 4-core 10Mb. Between the PC and the PLC, ethernet separators (EI-0D2-10Y-10B from pepperl-fuchs) are used. These barriers are "transparent".

      For many years, this configuration works with an industrial PC of B & R APC620, which has an Intel PRO / 100 VE card. Currently, its production has ended, therefore I am installing a newer APC910 model. This model has an INTEL 82579LM network card.

      Unfortunately, I can not configure it to work in this configuration.

      If I omit the Ethernet separators, the connection works.

      If I apply the switch between the PC and the barrier, the connection works.

      If I install a USB Ethernet card to the computer, the connection works.

      If I put an older type of computer in place of the new one, it also works.



      If I connect the computer in accordance with the diagram in place of the old one, the system detects the network, however with a mistake.

      The system is Windows 7 Standard Embedded.

      The most up-to-date Bios, the most up-to-date drivers.



      Please help