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    configurable tdp-down safe or not


      Hello ...


      I have a Dell laptop, Inspiron 7567. And this laptop has a 7700HQ processor, and this processor enables reduce the watt by what is known as the "Configurable TDP-down".


      This property can be controlled from the power settings as pictured.


      Microsoft has updated the latest version of Windows to eliminate power conditions and keep an Balanced that automatically reduces and increases a processor frequency as needed.


      My question ... Use this feature 100% safe, or are there potential problems ??


      ** I am sorry if my language is weak.





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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, Majid.SH.

          Thank you very much for taking the time to reach the Intel® Communities Team.

          I understand you would like to know if changing the TDP setting on your computer will generate any problem to your system. I will be more than glad to assist you further.

          Allow me to share with you that change this feature should not have any repercussion on your system. The only change you might be able to see is the performance of your machine if you set a lower frequency on your processor nonetheless, I would highly recommend you verify with your system manufacturer to confirm if your system is capable to support this changes.

          I hope this answers all your questions.

          Antony S.