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    I7-2600k locked up to 38x.


      I have a 2600k on a ASRock Ext. 4 Z77 MB. It was on a ASUS P8P67 LE before that and I have never lost my OC ability till 2 months ago.  Multiplier is limited to 38x, I have no XMP option anymore.  And this rig has been water cooled since day 1 so heat isn't an issue.  The reason I upgraded the MB was so I could replace my 560Ti 2Gb with a 1060 6Gb.  I have an ULTRA 750watt PSU 80+ Bronze, so I got power.  Ive reflashed BIOS, tore it all down to clean everything, even repasted my 2600k which is on a Corsair H70 in push-pull.  I'm freaking stumped and any new ideas are very welcome.


      Thank you,


      Brian Lane Carlin.