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    HSBUB-SDS laptop has been bricked by Windows 10 update


      Dear Intel Support,


      I have two gorgeous Intel Ultrabooks HSBUB-SDS (UBHB2SISQ) but I faced with strange thing.

      After one of Windows 10 updates both these laptops has been bricked.

      Now when I'm trying to bootup the screen is black and can't even see the BIOS post screen. I tried to unplug the battery and the bios-battery, but have no luck. I only can hear fans for several seconds and that's it no image at all even through HDMI

      It looks like something happened with BIOS, cause I'm 100% sure that hardware is OK. If so, is there some way to reflash the uefi-bios using some special prepared USB flash drive?


      These laptops are from 2013 and I got them as Software Development Platform products.

      Unfortunately now I have no access to Intel Premier Support and I can't contact the girl who sent me these laptops.


      I'm looking for help how to contact someone from Intel here or directly by email to help me to repair these laptops.

      Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.