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    CPU Core isolation


      Hello Everyone,


      I need to run some dedicated task (hard real time) on some CPU Cores independent of Linux OS.

      I was looking into isolcpus option but i can't use taskset to reschedule already running process to dedicated cpu core, because i need to start task on dedicated core (there is no already running task, and i can't start it on Core 0).

      Is there some example of some kernel driver that could allow me to run task on particular core  without involving Linux OS?

      So the main idea is to have Linux OS on CPU Core 0, and trough Linux OS to initialize other cores to do some task (some arithmetic applications <-> hard real-time), without having OS Scheduling on those cores.


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          Hello Nikola_S 

          Thank you for joining the community.

          I believe you are referring about setting the processor affinity, for that specific set of commands to enable the feature please refer to the Linux OS community and to confirm if your request to run the OS on the Core 0 is possible.

          Hope this helps.

          Leonardo C.

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            Thank you for reply!


            I was thinking more of removing CPU Cores from Linux OS by changing MDT table and then using kernel driver to initialize removed Cores and give them task.

            I will try to port this on Linux OS community forums.


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