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    Intel Core i5-4570 - Performance Issues? Low Single & Multi Thread rates


      Afternoon -


      I've been encountering system wide lag.  I just ran CPU-Z Benchmark for my Intel Core i5-4570 on a clean boot.  The results were 84.8 single thread and 334.8 multi...based on benchmarks that would be around 1/5 of what I would expect.  I don't have any temperature issues, can barely get the CPU over 40C.


      Here's what I've tested:


      • PSU (replacing it with an extra one I had)
      • RAM - Memtest86, no issues, swapped RAM slots, rebooted with only 1 in, alternated, etc.
      • BIOS and drivers up-to-date
      • I ran IPDT and everything came back as Passed (attached)


      Any ideas?  Could bad RAM cause the low thread rates? Thank you for taking the time to read this Q!