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    Intel NUC5i7RYH Bios HDMI Output Unstable


      After updating my bios on my NUC5i7RYH to the latest version, hitting F2 takes me to the bios menu but the monitor is super unstable. It will start up blank and then flash the bios screen for about one frame every minute or so before turning blank again. It is unusable.


      My system is using the HDMI output, and did not have any problems on the prior bios version.


      Anyone have a clue what is going on or how to fix it?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello neltnerb

          Thank you for joining the community.

          Could you provide us with the BIOS version that causes this satiation?

          Can you verify if the other output of the NUC works?  

          Leonardo C.

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            Please tell us more about your system. What graphics output are you using for the monitor? What kind of cable are you using? Any dongles/adapters? Have you verified that you are using the right input on the monitor? (Some have additional limitations for secondary inputs)

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              Thank you Leonardo,


              It is the BIOS version included with RY0367.bio


              Vendor: Intel Corporation
              Version: RYBDWi35.86A.0367.2017.0929.1059
              Release Date: 09/29/2017


              I do not have the other kind of monitor so cannot verify the other output. The monitor does work and the system boots fine, I just cannot use the bios menu.

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                Thank you Scott,


                I am using the mini-HDMI output, with an amazon basic cable to a splitter to get SPDIF audio output, to an Acer G257HU.


                There is no issue with the display once the system boots. As soon as grub comes up the display is fine.


                I removed the SPDIF splitter and it did not help.



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                  Hhmmm, this would seem to point the hairy finger at the Video BIOS. Are you running the latest available BIOS? If not, install it now and see if it alleviates this issue.



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                    The issue began after I upgraded my BIOS to the most recent version. The previously installed version did not have this issue.


                    Unless there is separate video firmware? I don't see anything about it on the downloads page.

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                      No, the Video BIOS (a.k.a. Integrated Graphics Option ROM) is packaged with the BIOS.


                      So you started seeing the problem after upgrading to BIOS version 367? Then, of course, you cannot downgrade from 367 to this previous version because it included updated ME firmware (security fixes). Do you remember what BIOS version you upgraded from? I checked the BIOS Release Notes. The thing is, the same Video BIOS has been in use since BIOS 348, so, unless you upgraded from a very long way back, I find it hard to keep blaming it for the issue.


                      Here is what I would like you to do:


                      1. Clear CMOS. Note that we need a real CMOS Clear, not the wussy process Intel documents in their help notes that does absolutely nothing! This can be a tough step, however. Please be very careful when prying up the edges of the board. You need to remove the two screws that hold the board in the chassis and pop the board out far enough to unplug the CR2032 battery from the board. Leave it unplugged for a full 15 minutes. Then put everything back together.
                      2. Next, we want to reinstall BIOS 367, but this time do so via the Jumper-based BIOS Recovery method. This process is documented here: Intel NUC BIOS Recovery Update Instructions. Here are my additional notes on this process:
                        1. Use a USB 2.0 flash disk. The Recovery BIOS has compatibility issues with many USB 3.0 flash disks.
                        2. Reformat this flash disk on a Windows-based PC using the FAT32 file system and disablingQuick Format. Do not use Linux- or MACOS-based PCs; they cannot generate a 100% compatible FAT32 file system (it is the fact that many factories making flash disks use Linux-based PCs to format them that is the reason why we have to include this step)
                        3. Place only the RY0367.BIO file onto this flash disk.
                      3. After restoring the BIOS, use the F2 key during POST to enter BIOS Setup (the Visual BIOS program). Press F9 (followed by Y) to reset the BIOS configuration to defaults and then press F10 (followed by Y) to save this configuration and exit BIOS Setup.
                      4. During the subsequent POST, use the F2 key to again enter BIOS Setup. Make any changes to the BIOS configuration that you absolutely require (Boot Order, SATA Mode, Fan Control Configuration, etc.). When done, press F10 (followed by Y) to save this configuration and exit BIOS Setup.


                      At this point, everything should be reset and, touch wood, the issue with the display initialization fixed.


                      Let me know what happens,